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I am learning more about safety on the internet. Wow, the innapropriate images available at our fingertips is ridiculous! Locking down the internet is something we hadn't done, but now I have. It is unsettling to have a child be exposed to things that aren't appropriate. It greatly effected me. I wish I could go back and change things. Hopefully this has effected me more than it did my child.
Please if you have children, take a moment to lock down your google search toolbar.

Death and Taxes

Making a profit on your business is always a good thing. But finding out you have to pay extra taxes is not. Luckily, we weren't too surprised about having to pay. I always have our accountant do a review mid-year, and we knew were on track to having to pay.
Luckily, we do have some money put away in savings and business is picking up even more, so we should be able to get it paid off quickly.
The down-side is we will probably have to start paying quarterly payments. Although, having a "forced" tax savings plan may not be a bad thing.

New Found Enthusiasm!

Lately, I've been reading some books and blogs that have inspired me to get back to paying off debt again. We got through Christmas paying all cash and I'm now ready to payoff all the credit cards!
The first one is small, less than $1,000 left. So I'm very motivated to get it gone next month! In addition, all but $150 is left on old medical bills. That will be a weight off my shoulders!
So I will be tracking our monthly progress through the bar on the side of my blog. Hopefully this will keep me motivated!