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The month to end all months!

Well, February has been the month to end all months!  We've broken all sorts of debt repayment and savings records!  Don't think I can keep up this pace, but if we do, we will have our savings boosted up and many of our debts paid off by May!
Whether or not this snowball can continue, I'm confident that good riddance is in order for the debts that are gone for good and the beefed up savings we have for our "rainy day" fund.
It's so comforting to know that we can cut back if we have to and stop the snowball, but those debts are still gone forever.

Just Paid off another one!!!

The money just posted to the last credit union computer loan!  It is officially paid OFF!!!!  Started at $5,694 on 5/09, pd off $279.55 today!  Never again to be seen!  Woo hoo! Now all that is left is one Visa and the Car Care Card!  Car Care is scheduled for payoff on March 5th and Visa is scheduled for April 5th.  I'm so excited to get these GONE!  It will be so freeing not to have to worry about these again. The loan is gone and the car is running well, so hopefully we won't have a big car expense again for a while. The list of debts gets smaller and smaller and that leaves us room for saving up for a rainy day.   I know that life may hit us, but it won't seem so hard knowing that all this debt is gone.  We've weathered through life's ups and downs and always made it out on top.  This debt payoff has made our personal accounts look really good, so I'm hoping we are in a good position to finally buy a house!

Some R&R

On the spur of the moment, we decided to head out to Avila Beach for the night with the kids!  I have been dreaming of going to Avila for months now.  It was so nice to just go and not worry about things.
We almost forgot that we have a dog now and someone has to take care of him.  Luckily our wonderful neighbor loves watching him, so we were good to go!
We surprised the kids, packed some quick bags and we were off.
Financially, it wasn't the cheapest place to go, but it is our favorite and there is a wonderful little town to wander in, get snacks, and shop.  We window shopped mostly.
No one seems to be able to cash a travelers check anymore.  I had an AMEX one from a contest we won and wanted to use it to pay for part of the hotel.  They wouldn't take it.
Will have cash it when we get back and just deposit the money back in the bank.
Lunch was my FAVORITE clam chowder with lobster on top! It is so yummy!  We ended up just getting pizza by the slice for the kids for dinner.  N…

It's On!

January and February have been good months!  I've stayed in budget, saved money, funded sinking funds, and drum roll.....paid of the last personal Visa!
What a great feeling to finally have that weight lifted.  In addition, the business paid off a big item and this has enabled us to save and pay off other debt even faster.
Lots of little things got caught up in December, so the last two months we have seen less bills, smaller bills, and less finance charges.
All these things have made it even easier to payoff debt and save faster!  It's the GREAT SNOWBALL Charlie Brown!
We've been good about eating at home.  When we do eat out it is in the budget and within the budget.  I've even started giving DH and myself a little extra money so that we always have a bit of cash in our pockets.
During the month, we've been saving for all the things that I used to stress about like the taxes, accountant's fee, sports fees, etc.  Now with the sinking funds in place and being f…