Just Paid off another one!!!

The money just posted to the last credit union computer loan!  It is officially paid OFF!!!!  Started at $5,694 on 5/09, pd off $279.55 today!  Never again to be seen!  Woo hoo!
 Now all that is left is one Visa and the Car Care Card!  Car Care is scheduled for payoff on March 5th and Visa is scheduled for April 5th.  I'm so excited to get these GONE!  It will be so freeing not to have to worry about these again.
The loan is gone and the car is running well, so hopefully we won't have a big car expense again for a while.
The list of debts gets smaller and smaller and that leaves us room for saving up for a rainy day.  
I know that life may hit us, but it won't seem so hard knowing that all this debt is gone.  We've weathered through life's ups and downs and always made it out on top.  This debt payoff has made our personal accounts look really good, so I'm hoping we are in a good position to finally buy a house!


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