Some R&R

On the spur of the moment, we decided to head out to Avila Beach for the night with the kids!  I have been dreaming of going to Avila for months now.  It was so nice to just go and not worry about things.
We almost forgot that we have a dog now and someone has to take care of him.  Luckily our wonderful neighbor loves watching him, so we were good to go!
We surprised the kids, packed some quick bags and we were off.
Financially, it wasn't the cheapest place to go, but it is our favorite and there is a wonderful little town to wander in, get snacks, and shop.  We window shopped mostly.
No one seems to be able to cash a travelers check anymore.  I had an AMEX one from a contest we won and wanted to use it to pay for part of the hotel.  They wouldn't take it.
Will have cash it when we get back and just deposit the money back in the bank.
Lunch was my FAVORITE clam chowder with lobster on top! It is so yummy!  We ended up just getting pizza by the slice for the kids for dinner.  No one really wanted to go to a sit down place.  DH was coming down with a cold and we all just settled down in our beautiful hotel, watched a movie, and listened to the calming waves out our window.  Breakfast is included in our hotel, so that will be free.
All in all a restful, fun, memory making President's Day weekend for the whole fam!  And...we didn't go into debt for it!


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