It's On!

January and February have been good months!  I've stayed in budget, saved money, funded sinking funds, and drum roll.....paid of the last personal Visa!
What a great feeling to finally have that weight lifted.  In addition, the business paid off a big item and this has enabled us to save and pay off other debt even faster.
Lots of little things got caught up in December, so the last two months we have seen less bills, smaller bills, and less finance charges.
All these things have made it even easier to payoff debt and save faster!  It's the GREAT SNOWBALL Charlie Brown!
We've been good about eating at home.  When we do eat out it is in the budget and within the budget.  I've even started giving DH and myself a little extra money so that we always have a bit of cash in our pockets.
During the month, we've been saving for all the things that I used to stress about like the taxes, accountant's fee, sports fees, etc.  Now with the sinking funds in place and being funded, when an expense comes up like a vet bill or medical bill, I just "pay" the bill.  What a nice peaceful feeling.  No more anxiety attacks at night!


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