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Discipline, Focus, and Determination

Well our focus and determination haven't wavered.  In fact, in all aspects of our lives I find the principles of Dave Ramsey and baby steps working.
We've been saving like crazy this last month for a "rainy day".  Our snowball has become a snowflake.  But beefing up the savings accounts gives me comfort that we can weather through any storm.
During this last month I joined a gym and have been focusing on getting stronger, healthier, and thinner!  The winter weight crept up on me, and it's time to have some focus, discipline, and determination.  My financial goals and personal goals seem very similar.  Lose "weight"  all of that debt!  Build "muscle"  that savings account, and focus on being "healthy" in mind, body, spirit, and pocket book.
Our road is clear.  Paying off so much debt the last two months has given me some breathing room in our budget, allowing us to beef up our emergency fund, save for annual expenses, pay medical bill…