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The Roller Coaster

Wow, the past couple of weeks have been quite a roller coaster. Our financial picture has gone down more than up. It seems like we do this every month. We get paid, spend it all and then wait until we get paid again. Some months better than others, but always the pressure. Being self-employed definitely has its ups and downs.
This last week has been especially difficult, so I've not felt the need to post because there is no progress on our debt reduction.
But I've realized that I have much to be thankful about. Watching the horrific scenes in Japan from the tsunami has been hard. I pray for those families still trying to locate their loved ones. Our family has talked and taken action about what we would do in an earthquake. Just beginning the cleanup must be overwhelming.
I am thankful for our health. I heard on the radio about a child who has a life threatening disease and needs to go to Seattle for treatment for six months. Of course, there is insurance, but her moth…


Had a great comforting talk with DH this morning. It was a calm talk. Sometimes when we talk about difficult subjects it is hard not to get emotional. But this was a good one. I feel like we are a team, working together. We don't always discuss money issues, when to pay what bill or what amount to pay on debt or put in savings, on a daily basis. But when we do, it really makes me feel like we are on the same page.
Even when things are tight, I know that as long as we work together, we will make it through. We've had our business for almost thirteen years. We must be doing something right. I've sometimes even wondered if this was the path we should take, but God always provides for us, so I know this is what he wants us to do.
I get so wrapped up in reducing and getting rid of our debt that it becomes a detriment to the rest of the budget. I really tend to hyper-focus on a goal to the end of everything else. My DH helps me focus on the big picture. To step back fr…


Not a lot of financial news right now. So instead of focusing on the debt snowball and paying bills, I'm focusing my energy on organizing the house.
I've been doing some deep cleaning, sorting through closets, and getting caught up on domestic chores, like laundry!
In addition, I've been trying to be more organized and plan out the morning before I go to bed. This is a struggle for me because once we get the kids to bed, all I want to do is relax! But when I get the coffee and breakfast prepped the night before, plan the kids' lunches, and clean the kitchen, it is such a calm, nice morning.
I think I'm going to make a list (I love lists!) of all the things I need to do at night and then time it to see how long it takes me. Then I'll time the same tasks on a morning and see if it takes me longer in the morning.