Had a great comforting talk with DH this morning. It was a calm talk. Sometimes when we talk about difficult subjects it is hard not to get emotional. But this was a good one. I feel like we are a team, working together. We don't always discuss money issues, when to pay what bill or what amount to pay on debt or put in savings, on a daily basis. But when we do, it really makes me feel like we are on the same page.
Even when things are tight, I know that as long as we work together, we will make it through. We've had our business for almost thirteen years. We must be doing something right. I've sometimes even wondered if this was the path we should take, but God always provides for us, so I know this is what he wants us to do.
I get so wrapped up in reducing and getting rid of our debt that it becomes a detriment to the rest of the budget. I really tend to hyper-focus on a goal to the end of everything else. My DH helps me focus on the big picture. To step back from the little credit card I want to payoff so badly and see that there are other priorities too. It is a good partnership, he and I!


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