Starting October's Training

I know, I know.  It's been a long time since I've blogged publicly.  I haven't stopped writing, just haven't published anything.
My health and well-being has really been on my mind lately.  The business is plugging along.  We've been gearing up for our busy season in our family with three birthdays and a Halloween party.  Beefing up and spending out the sinking funds for gifts and parties.  I've also started a new taxes fund (real exciting), so that we won't get stuck with a big tax bill again next year.  I've been more focused on me and not quite so stressed about money which is a good thing.
I've lost 18 lbs so far in my quest to become stronger and sexier!  ha!  I feel like I'm getting more out of the gym classes than I've ever gotten.  I worked more on my arms this week and boy do I feel it!  
Today, 10/18/12 I started a couch potato to 5K training regimen   It starts out slowly and builds up to a full 5 K run over many weeks.  Today I just did a 20 minute workout.  It was great!  I listened to music and followed the program.  5min warm-up, 60 sec jog, 60 sec walk, repeat.  I even treated myself to a frappucino at the end!  I'm looking to build up my stamina and see an improvement in my not so toned up legs!  It also would be a nice bonus to run in The Great Race with the rest of my family this Spring!  Wally, Abby, and Spencer all ran the 5K last year and Claire ran the Kids' One Mile.  I did nothing but stand there and cheer.  Not this year.  
On Sunday at church I'm going to do a budget talk.  The last one wasn't well received, so I'm anxious that no one will come, but nonetheless, I have to prepare.  I'm obviously a big fan of Dave Ramsey's teachings, so there will definitely be a big spin on it based on his principals and teachings.  My goal is to provide people with a reason to budget that they never thought of before.  A jumping off place for more in depth discussions.  I also talked to our pastor and teaching an FPU class was well received, so I will probably teach one in January!
Today our firewood is being delivered.  I'm excited to have a nice warm living room all winter without having to spent so much for little bundles at the grocery store.  I was always so stingy with that wood because it was such a small amount.  Now I can start fires in the afternoons when the kids get home from school and have it warm until 10pm at night.  A warm, cozy home is something I love from my childhood!


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