The two older kids are gone on a spring break trip with their grandparents. It is so quiet here in the house. Wow, what a difference and change in dynamics our household is.
It's nice that the kids get a trip to an amusement park without any output from our budget. I know they will have a wonderful time and create great memories with their grandparents.

Didn't do so well keeping in our dining budget this week, but it was a nice treat to go out to lunch with my husband! We do that so infrequently. Our monthly date nights are so welcomed and relaxing. I enjoy our time together. Lunch was a welcome distraction.

The economy is still lagging, but people in our neighborhood don't seem to want to talk about the true effects it has on them. Some seem to be cutting back, but others are spending at rapid rates. It really has to do with our spending and saving habits before the economy went south.


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