A day in the life of a grocery shopper

4/28/13  Sunday was a good day.  DD#2 sang in church, very cute.  After church I taught my 2nd Dave Ramsey FPU class.  It is going well.  I think it is making classmates think about their money more.  They all have different reasons for coming to the class.  But paying more attention to where their money is going will at least give them some options for making changes.
Savings is definitely high on their lists, but didn't prior to this seem to be a priority.
After class, I used my envelopes and got my cash out for groceries.  A few good things were on sale, so I stocked up.  I planned more than a week's worth of dinners.  There's lots of ideas for breakfasts.  So next week should be a little lighter.  The only thing that will need to be added next week is lunch stuff and fresh produce.   The total was $187, so I dipped into the auto fuel cash a bit.  My classmates seem to think $160 is quite low for groceries per week for a family of 5. I am still shocked when my bill gets close to $200, so it is going to be an adjustment for me if I'm going to spend an average of $160-180 a week.  As the children grow, the frig gets low!
Tomorrow, I'm planning a "no spend" day.  The frig is stocked, I don't think we are going anywhere.  So it should be easy enough.  Especially since we had a fun weekend spending!  We ate out and shopped.


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