The Budget Committee Meeting

This week in our Financial Peace class we talk about a spending plan or "budget".  Even though I'm facilitating the class, I'm doing the homework and following the spending plan as well.  I should be doing this faithfully anyway, right?!  This week our assignment was to prepare the budget for May and present it to the budget committee meeting.

Since I'm the nerd, I prepared the budget and presented it to my free spirit husband. 
It was the first time in a very, very long time that we had this meeting.  I generally take care of the household finances.  As long as we have food on the table and the bills get paid, he's happy to trust me.  I like this since I'm a micro-manager when it comes to money.  But that is a shortcoming of mine that I need to work on.  I want the plan to go my way without anyone messing with it.  I know real mature!  Since we have a partnership, it is/was a great idea to work on this together.  We had a great talk and I felt like we are on the same page.  It's nice to discuss this because I love working with numbers so much.  I feel like a team.  Go team!

We also worked on doing an all cash week in regards to food.  We took out $200 for groceries and another $40 for dinner's out.  Not one debit transaction for groceries and dinner out!  It is amazing to me that a family of 5 can eat through $200 worth of food in one week!  I've got to get back to couponing and really stockpiling.  That's for another post.
How was your week?  Did you try a category in your budget in cash?


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