Blog for November 14th

End of the check cycle today! Tomorrow morning our account will be fat again. I had to transfer money from savings twice this weekend to keep up with our random food spending. $40 here, $40 there. Entertainment and dining is banned this week! I have to make up some of that so that I can put it back in the sinking fund. It is not a fund for eating! I need it for the accountant, dmv, life ins, and pet expenses.

Luckily I think our car repair hole has been plugged. I got rid of the Volvo and even though I have a huge bill that I still need to pay from the last of the repairs, I know that will be gone in six months or so. $12,269 in work for the darn thing, which includes multiple tire replacements/alignments, oil changes/tuneups, one warranty work $1144. This does not include all the covered warranty work done prior to 2008 that was covered!

I've got to sit down and plan for soccer and baseball coming up, as well as start another sinking fund for Halloween and birthday expenses for next year. I spent way too much money from the checking account without a plan this year.

Medical expenses are looking up too. We are getting an actual refund from Blue Shield that will pad our HSA account for the kids' annual physicals, a sore heel, and dh's dental. I hope that we can pay cash up front and not have a debt for any of that. God willing we don't have any major medical happen.

Our visa is shrinking rapidly now that it is the only credit card left on the personal debt side! Would love to pay it off in six months, but will slow the snowball to save up some extra for Christmas. Halloween and birthdays were quite a drain on the gift budget. I still want to get in a weekend at Disneyland too.

The 2010 federal taxes have been paid and the state taxes on are a payment schedule of $216 a month til it is paid, I think six months.

A business software contract is up in two months and that will put almost a thousand dollars back into our business pocket. I'm planning on earmarking and transferring weekly amounts of $230 to our business savings for bulking up our cash reserves and emergency fund. I have no idea what kind of buffer amount will give me peace of mind. Right now it is so small we can't even pay one payroll with it. I want to build it up, but I also want to save for a house, so we will have to see where my comfort level is when we start getting a decent amount in there. My initial thought is around 10K. But I may need more as we add more employees and payroll costs go up.


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