Extra Pmts Good or Bad?

Our Weekend Round Up:  Well a big budget buster came when I accidently (I guess?) scheduled two payments for the same card.  That was a $344 oops.  Not good.  Well, good that that much debt is gone, bad because it is so close to Christmas and I had already budgeted that $344 for other items.
Work was a bit  hurried because we had early dismissal at school this week which meant I picked up the kids 2 hrs early all week.  That's 10 hours of work I lost.  I made a up a bit on Friday afternoon, but still am looking forward to three regular days next week and then Thanksgiving!  The good news is the "big" check came in from our client and that make our bank account fat and happy for a while!
I love Thanksgiving!  Seeing all of our family, relaxing by the fire, sleeping in, not having to clean the house or do dishes or laundry.  It's a nice vacation for me!  I also look forward to Black Friday shopping with DSIL.  We get all our ideas for each other and the kids, so it makes Christmas shopping easier.  We may take a trip to Yosemite this year as well which is always beautiful.
Planned and budgeted for our 11th annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony  at our local mall.  The whole family loves it and it is definitely a beloved family tradition.  Cookies and hot cocoa too!
Took our youngest DD to the American Girl Doll store.  A memory making afternoon/evening for sure.  She was in absolute heaven.  Instead of the $50 dinner at the store, I choose to eat elsewhere and still had money left over for a few treats for her (and me!)


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