Christmas is Almost Here!

Well, the kidlets are out of school for two whole weeks!  I'm finishing up the last of the shopping online.  One down, one to go.  DS last present is the only thing left to buy!
The week had its ups and downs with spending.  I didn't actually budget for any lunches out, but I ended up spending quite a bit in that department.  I should just plan for a few "running around town, need a bite" type meals.  Although after a fun afternoon yesterday with friends at MickeyD's, I did manage to get me and all the kids to eat at home today and we had frozen pizza for dinner last night too.  I warmed up pizza for them to eat in the car between softball practices.  That saved me at least $20+.  Now all the kids and two friends are running around outside while I finish the online shopping and balance the checkbooks.  So nice they aren't being lazy all afternoon watching tv!  Love it!
Been planning the last payoff of a computer loan.  Looking forward to bidding that adeiu!  That should be next week.  My goal in the next six months is to get all the business debt transferred to business accounts or paid off.  Once that is done and our last personal credit card is paid off, I'm starting the house savings account!  Finally!  I've been looking forward to that for 5 years.  I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
A very Merry Christmas to everyone!


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