Weekly Overview 1st week of December 2011

This has been a good week financially.  Checks from clients have come in, bills are paid, and spending is on budget! There was virtually no unplanned spending this week! Gas budget was extra low due to extra cash leftover from our Thanksgiving trip. Ran to the store to get DD#1 some longjohns and wool socks for camp, but otherwise everything else was in the budget.

The Christmas spirit is kicking in and I'm ready to decorate the house and get the shopping done.  Our gift list is pretty small and I can get a lot online.  I have my list and budget including doing some fun charity things with the kids and the business.  Just have to get going on it!  The money is all saved and sitting in the savings account. 
New Year's resolution review for 2010 coming soon along with new goals for 2012.


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