Weekly Spending

This week has been a week of back to school spending and treats!  In order to be accountable for our spending, I'm posting it here to make me really stop and see what we've been doing.

Shoes for kids - $176
School Registration     - $100  (3 kids)
Backpacks      -  $90
Dessert           -  $ 35
Lunches           -  $40
Groceries         - $209

Wow, that's a lot of spending for one week!  Hopefully next week will slow down.  We are officially done with our "list" of back to school items.  Although, DD11 may still need a new back pack once school starts.  She is waiting to see what everyone else has so that she doesn't have the same one as everyone else.  DD6 also needs at least one more pair of shoes, but they will be on the inexpensive side with coupons!

Our goals for next week:

  • Spend only $40 for gas
  • Dining - one weekend dinner out (date night!) $40
  • A/C - hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can keep it off!
  • Entertainment - taking the kids to Pacific Park for our last family trip! - $160 (tickets, food, games)


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